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Everyday People: Everybody has a story to tell!

Each conversation I have with one of my UGLY supporters or prospective UGLY supporter is a blessing on my spirit to be a part of this book project!

"Everybody has a story," I said, in one of my Facebook live posts and how true it has been revealed. One reader said after reading the first three pages of my story she cried and cried. When she resumed reading, she too experienced the infidelity of her father and it was her sibling that took it to heart! She also was taken back to being teased for her height and big feet; says she has corns today for forcing her feet into too little shoes in an effort to take away the attention she received.

Another UGLY conversation revealed a woman just severed her relationship with her boyfriend of 5 years where she performed all the duties of a wife and got tired of being relegated to just being a girlfriend when he was getting "sucked, fucked, house cleaned, meds checked, dinners and all that come with being a wife, but he refused to quit." She remarked she could write her own book and will look into it.

A chat will a male supporter yielded the question do you bash fathers in the book or tell the story about women keeping men out of their children's lives. This supporter shared many trials of trying to be the best father he could as father who did his share of dirt earlier on in life but grew to be one that was legal in every way, but he always supported his children. The mother of his children's bitterness has been pervasive for over 25 years; he moved on from it but she's still angry and unforgiving although her behaviors severed the marriage. Several arrests for violations where he tried to be engaged: arrested at child's 8th grade graduation because he wasn't supposed to be there, calls to family services alleging sexual abuse of his daughter because of a one time wrestling move, another call asserting children were being neglected because they played all day at his house. He asserts as a father he always put his kids first and his son recently asked, "why does mama hate you so much." It should be noted the children now embrace and support their dad now they are older and view their mother differently because of her actions to keep him away!

I was invited to a prayer breakfast to discuss the book at a local church, but unfortunately I will be out of town in NOLA doing my second book signing event!

The more I talk about the book, the more people share their stories, men or women! As a social worker, my mind clicks and reverberates with wanting to go into therapy mode because it's my nature. My UGLY Workbook takes care of that and aids people to healing and letting the UGLY out. I am eternally grateful for this journey God selected for me. I have no regrets and l am living my best life in the support of others.

Thank you to all my supporters and for every encouraging word.


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