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I'm Going Thru Something Right Now

Well, I have to say that the love that my family, friends, colleagues and fellow sisters and brothers of Chicago ABSW has been outstanding. Not only has the book resonated with folk as an easy read while being characterized as good, funny, inspiring and much needed to give a voice to the many people experiencing their UGLY moments, but folks are relating to the workbook that was added as a compliment.

One of my friend's tapped me and said, "Jataun, you just don't know. I needed this is in my life. I am going through something right now... I am going to start with exercise number 4 (which has since been named Time of My Life)."

She further stated she was running out to the store to go purchase some big, pretty paper so that she could capture everything and post it up.

The excitement in my friend's voice and sentiments hit me straight in my heart because then I was affirmed that it is meaningful.

She was not the only one to tell me how much she liked a particular exercise and that gives me absolute joy.

I decided to package the workbook and UGLY book, together since it has been impactful to a number of people who are using the workbook. It's comprised of ten exercises that you an do at your leisure either alone, with someone else or a group; a word of scripture is attached to each exercise that is specific to the theme which makes it even more special to have that degree of inspiration and thought to each exercise.

In the Fall, I plan to facilitate a couple of two day retreats using the workbook as the focal point of the work to be done in helping people journey to wellness in a certain area of life.

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