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My Mother: My Rock of Salvation

In light of Mother's Day occurring in two weeks, having attended an event dedicated to mothers today and the upcoming release of the book I co-authored entitled U.G.L.Y. Uncovering God's Love for You I plan to highlight my "rock of salvation" who so happens to be the one and only mother I have on this physical earth, Barbara Rollins.

The bible speaks of God as a rock of salvation which evokes imagery that imparts deliverance, a sense of security and a firm hold onto something metaphorically immortalized in a sturdy, sometimes impenetrable mineral such as a rock.

In my chapter of the book a wealth of the focus is on my father in which there were a few mentions of my mother. Most individuals who know me know that I love my mother immensely. I questioned ask of the participants to this book signing event was how are you most like and different from your mother. In surfing for pictures I came across a post that answers this very question edited for this blog to be more grammatically correct.

I am eternally grateful for my mother's love. Barbara Rollins​ is a model parent. As a teen, I wanted to be nothing like her only to find her in me everyday. I too became a government worker, was responsible to perform my civic duties, parent, am family oriented, am a big time "do-it-your-selfer," handy with a tool, wait on no one to fix a problem, funny as hell at times when I want to be, am a progeny of the original #crazyladyrollins, a traveler, forgiving, about the business, a homeowner, simple, basic not extravagant, grounded, supportive, loving, lover of consignment and thrift shops, dress with the best of them when it's time, patient, hold an endless amount of useless facts to most, a tell-it-like-it T I Is and a quirky personality.

My mom taught me how to kill a potato salad, bake cookies, and jam on some macaroni. She started my love affair with good, well seasoned fried pork chops. She's my ride or die, roadside traveling buddy and my confidante.

What I wish I had is her quick wit, affinity for numbers and calculations in her head, budget based mentality, a good steward of her money and the gift of gab with any and everybody she meets regardless of race, age, background.

She is the ultimate social butterfly. Nana , her other name, is the best grandmother one could have and she doted/dotes on her grandchildren in a special way!

My mom supported me and my siblings as a single parent and made the ultimate sacrifices for us that we could never truly appreciate. I love my mom and talk to her nearly everyday. She is the reason me and my daughter have a strong relationship.

Even though she doesn't say I love you much, she says it from her heart. I couldn't imagine not wanting to be like her. I apologized as a young adult for every heartache I put her thru and asked for her forgiveness.

A rock beyond measure and a joy to be around! I take nothing for granted anymore and thank God for her life! Love you Ma!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for just being you!

I believe this speaks to how I can consider my mom to be my rock of salvation from the day I was born as she has not ever taken a vacation from being my mom. And it is not one I take lightly as there are many who don't get what I received by their biological mother whether by death, adoption, foster care, abandonment, substance abuse or some other reason, not mentioned here.

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