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Liberation through Forgiveness

There was so much that didn't make it into the book because once I got my flow I couldn't turn it off; the publisher told me bluntly "you can save all that for your own book." That is absolutely hilarious to me and prayerfully she is calling into existence a more fuller version of how God got me over and through many life experiences.

Everybody has a story; some folk might even have a novel or two in them. They might just need something to ignite their passion to tell their story. I was just fortunate enough to have a friend who thought people could get something from my life experiences. The reigning theme of my story though is truly about the spirit of forgiveness.

Have you ever taken the opportunity to sit with yourself, look back over your life, dismiss regrets and forgive yourself to get beyond the point of where you are. That to me is where I needed to start. My thirst for discipline, guidance, structure and a new spiritual life was the impetus for me to try to get to know God so I can free up some stuff off of me. I went back to my roots that my Grandma sowed in me in order to get to my liberation.

I first had to be ready to deal with myself and "get right" before I could put some stuff on the table and release it. That is how I found my freedom from past hurts, worries and pain. Matthew 18: 21-22, the verse Jesus speaks to Peter about forgiveness "seventy times seven" was a struggle for me because it seemed to mean tirelessly being the bigger person and taking people's $@%% that they continued to dish out.

When you truly let go and forgive-------- it/they can stop consuming space in your head, eliminate the furrowed stank face frown and the rumbling of your blood pressure when they come around you. There is something about being at peace with a thing or a person that takes you to another level. My life wasn't as stressful for me anymore and my bitter disposition died.

Increasing my faith through worship and active engagement in the church placed my mind and activity on more positive things. So for me, I learned how to accept the things that were within my control and the things I could not. It was life changing for me and I begin to apply it to began various parts of my life. I got my life back and in doing so, I freed up my life. And how the other people in my life received it was left to them to deal with it.

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