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I Am Counting On You is a culmination of inspiration from a trip to Australia studying some Aboriginal communities in Sydney, Melbourne and Uluru and a presentation Ms. Rollins facilitated. 


It was centered on the impact of colonialism and the impact to the Indigenous peopl of America & Australia, and African Americans; it underscored an African centered perspective of Sankofa. Two millienials agreed to orate the poem on the author's  behalf and it it was clear that the young count on our elders and our elders count on the young. Mutually, we count on each other from an Ubuntu philosophy. This poem/activity book is beautifully illustrated by Jacqui Smith who captured several influences of Black history, international influences and Black life ending with activities that parents, guardians, church staff, camp leaders, etc. can assist  youth, adolescents, and young adults with intentional activities that begin or build on value systems, establishing purpose and formulating leadership skills.

I Am Counting On You - Activity Book

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